Emily Hayes

Emily Hayes

Latest Book: Lix

Where did the inspiration for the book come from?

I have always been fascinated by kink and sex clubs and a friend told me about a night she used to run a "For Women Only" in London years ago. So, I thought, what if it wasn't just a night for women only? What if it was a whole club, a beautiful, freeing place where women who love women could just be themselves away from the male gaze. So I was very excited to create this club, Lix, fictionally and to start a series based at Lix.

Why was the story so important to you?

So much of female sexuality is shamed or created for men. I wanted to create a world just for women, where women could explore and just be themselves. I also find a lot of women are curious about the BDSM lifestyle. I wanted to write something that allowed women to explore that gently and to learn alongside Lauren, as she explores that side of herself. In Lix Book 1 we see the beginning of that. In following Lix books we see much more of Lauren and Quinn's developing dynamic and learn much more about a responsible, ethical, loving BDSM relationship. Having been in BDSM relationship dynamics before, it is something I really wanted to lift the lid on and show the realism of it and how beautiful a dominant/submissive relationship can be.

Tell us about the characters

Quinn is a strong butch character who is nearing 50 and comes from a lot of pain in life. She has had so many challenges and heartache. Her strength has pulled her through but not without leaving her scarred and guarded. Quinn's journey will become more evident in the second and third book, in the Lix series, as she realises that in order to be a good partner to Lauren, she has a lot of work to do on herself. Lauren has her own journey into the kink world when she realises how attracted she is to Quinn's dominance and it becomes clear that she is a natural submissive. I also wanted Lauren to be strong in her own right, even though she is younger, in her work and home life she's got her shit together. She also is very sassy. She doesn't let Quinn walk all over her. For me, t hat was important to show. Lauren's journey is mostly centred around how her character develops as a submissive and how she adapts to a dominant/submissive dynamic as well as discovering herself sexually.

As a writer...

What is the best feedback you have ever had from a reader?

I actually get a lot of emails from readers and I love reading them. I always try to respond to all of them. I recently had a reader who is an Obstetrician (doctor and surgeon specialist in pregnancy and birth) who works in a very stressful hospital environment. She told me that my books give her a real escape from the stresses of her job. of real life and that my work as a writer is just as valuable as her work because of what I can provide to women like her. I loved that, it made me feel so honoured to be able to write for women like her- hugely inspirational strong women that my characters are all based on. I love that little old me can provide something so valuable to someone who does so much incredible work.

How do you deal with bad reader reviews?

I cry for a bit... then I re-read the good ones! Honestly, I try and learn from them. I am still so new to this writing life. I make mistakes. I am learning every day. I realise that my books aren't for everyone, but I am finding the readers that really love them and they are the people I keep writing for.

How do you feel about readers reaching out to you? What is the best way they can do that?

I LOVE it! Like, really, really LOVE it! Please do reach out to me if you like my books. Every single time I get a message from a reader it makes me SO happy all day. E-mail is always good: emilyhayeswrites@hotmail.com or Twitter is where I am most active @emilyhayeswords. I have a strong GIF game!

What can you tell us about your work in progress?

I am always working on about 5 things at once! I like to keep things fresh! I also write pretty quickly once I get into a book so I try and keep everything moving. I am working on Books 2 and 3 for the Lix Club Series - The relationship between Lauren and Quinn grows and develops. Book 2 will be available on pre-order, in fact probably Book 3 too, whenever I get my act together!I have also decided to make a Forest Vale Hospital Series with my book, Surgeon as the first in the series. Each book in the Forest Vale series will have a different romance, so they'll be a standalone romance set in the same hospital but characters from previous Forest Vale Books will make re-appearances. So it isn't the last you have seen of Katherine and Sophia. I have nearly finished the second Forest Vale Hospital Book- it will be out very soon. I have also plotted out a couple more future ones. I am getting all my books made into Audiobooks currently. Surgeon is now LIVE as an Audiobook and I absolutely LOVE hearing it in Audio. It really brings it all to life. Particularly the sex scenes! YES! Meanwhile, I am also working on a standalone about an actress and her bodyguard. So that one should be exciting too! I swear, it is literally none stop over here! I have SO many ideas!

For new readers what book should they read first?

Oh any order that you fancy: If you like Grey's Anatomy and hot rough sex, then maybe start with "Surgeon." If you like an Ice Queen Boss and a bit of an erotic spanking in the office scene, start with "Headmistress." If you like a Butch-Femme, age gap with some good strap on scenes and apparently a really great sex in a toilet cubicle scene, then try "Escort." If BDSM and an exclusive women-only club with it's own clothing optional pool and a dungeon intrigues you then read, "Lix." Or just read ALL OF THEM and make me really happy!

As a person...

What did you want to be before you grew up?

I always wanted to be a writer. I was ALWAYS writing and making up stories as a kid. I think it drove my parents crazy. I have such a vivid imagination and SO many ideas. I live SO much in my own head. It can be a crazy place!

What is your favorite food?

Pizza. No question. Absolutely fucking LOVE pizza!

What is the first thing you notice about a person?

Their eyes. I love women's eyes - I think you can read so much in someone's eyes. Also, their hands... I have like a total hand fetish. Like, I love big butch strong tough hands that look like they would take me absolutely. Then I also love elegant graceful hands that look like they would play me like a piano. What can I say? I really love women's hands!

What is your favourite box set?

Grey's Anatomy. I'm obsessed. Seriously. Hence why I am creating my own lesbian Grey's Anatomy Series in my Forest Vale Hospital Series. Surgeon was SO popular and someone even reviewed it and said it was BETTER than Grey's Anatomy. I'm pretty sure that's impossible but if it is even half as good then it has to be worth a read. I don't know what it is about doctors and nurses and medical romances, but I just love it. So much.

What is the favourite thing you own?

I have my gran's wedding ring. She was very much like me in that she was an introvert who just loved reading. I don't think the rest of the family ever really understood either of us. She always encouraged my story writing as a child and growing up. She would be really proud of what I am doing now.