Jamey Moody

Jamey Moody

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Latest Book: Finding Home

Where did the inspiration for the book come from?

I wanted to write a series. I love to work out and thought a fitness center would be a great location. There are three owners and I'm planning a romance for each. Finding Home is the first and centers around body image and how that can affect your self worth. So much is made today about how you look and I wanted to show that what truly matter is what's on the inside.

Why was the story so important to you?

This story is important to me because we all suffer from time to time with body image. If it isn't a number on the scale, it's a measurement or a clothing size that society dictates we should strive to be. This can have a an adverse effect on your self worth. I think everyone has felt this at some point in their life. I wanted to show that the inside is what matters and if you project a positive self worth it makes you more beautiful on the outside.

Tell us about the characters

Olivia is the character that joins the gym and wants to change. I love her, she has moments when she doubts herself and then goes for it in others. Frankie is the instructor/owner that captures her heart. I love her too because she's nice to everyone and sometimes shouldn't be. There are other people introduced in the book that you will see in the ones to follow. Desi and Stella are the other owners. I love all these people. I seem to have trouble making a mean character or one that readers don't like. I'll have to work on that.

As a writer...

How do you feel about readers reaching out to you? What is the best way they can do that?

I love it when readers reach out. The best way is to email me at jameymoodyauthor@gmail.com. Every week I have someone email me out of the blue that has read one of my books. It always brightens my day and I answer everyone of them.

What are you reading now?

I just finished Reclamation by Frankie Duncan. I want to highlight several new authors, just like me, that are starting out and have become friends. What I love is the variety in what we write and the different styles. I'll list them so you can go look them up on Amazon. Kat Jackson, Lucy Bexley, Luci Dreamer, Bryce Oakley, Jo Cox, Stephanie Shea, Kate Gavin, Erica Lee, Margaux Fox, Grace Parkes, and Emily Hayes. I know that's a lot but, they are all worth a read. I promise.

What can you tell us about your work in progress?

My current work in progress is the second in the Your Way series. Your Way is the name of the gym. The second book is about Desi and she meets Erin at a fertility clinic, of all places. Desi is doing a favor for a friend and taking her wife to an appointment. Something sparks between her and Erin. They have exes, pregnancy woes, and a few other surprises thrown at them in a very short time. Will their brand new relationship be able to survive?

What is your favourite word?

My favorite word is adore. When I was in the first grade my teacher sent home an end of year progress report and she wrote at the bottom of mine in cursive so I couldn't read it yet. It said I was a good student and she adored me. I didn't know what that meant so my mom explained that to me. I've always loved that word and only use it in special instances.

What is the best feedback you have ever had from a reader?

I love feedback from readers. I appreciate their reviews. To take the time to comment about my book is special because we are all busy these days. I think the best feedback is when they comment on the age of my characters. My characters are usually in their 40's and 50's. As a reader you don't see as many books about that age range so that's what I write.

As a person...

Where/what is your happy place?

My happy place is when I'm exercising or writing. I love to work out and this time of year, summer, I like to paddle board on the lake. This is therapy for me because the world drops away. It's calm and soothing to me paddling through the water and soaking up the sun. I also love when I'm in front of my computer and the characters sometimes have a mind of their own and the words fly onto the screen. It always leaves me in a happy mood.

What’s your favourite quote?

"Not to spoil the ending but, everything is going to be okay."There are times when things aren't going great and I think about this quote, take a deep breath, and it helps.

What are your best and worst traits?

My best trait is that I'm helpful. I like helping people or family when I can and they know they can ask and I will.My greatest weakness is that I tend to interrupt when people are talking. I listen but, speak before they're through speaking. I hate that I do it, I know that I do it, but sometimes I can't stop! Texting is a joy for me because I can't interrupt!

What would be your weapon of choice?

My weapon of choice would be kindness. And if that didn't work, I'd want speed so I could run away fast!

Describe the perfect kiss in three words

This is challenging. Long, tongue, soft. Although a hard kiss is good too or slow, sensual. See, I told you it was challenging!